Welcome to the GoldenINU Community Token

GIExchange Love Community Token

We made this token from love, and we want to spread it to the world so you can feel love, too. This isn’t just a token – it’s a community, So Give Love and Get Love Back! Also, don’t forgot,
Liquidity LOCKED, OWNER Renounced

What Means Love community Token?

A love community token is a token made when love spreads though the community.
We want more than anything for our Goldens to be happy.
Our tokens are based on BEP-20 so you can enjoy low fees – even the fees are going to you!
6% of each transaction will go to HOLDERS and 2% will go to the liquidity pool to share the love, 2% will go to the dev wallet for Marketing.
Join our community so we can spread the love to all our Goldens!
Let’s make love together.

What is GIExchange ?

GIExchange – GoldenINUExchange, will be the most beautiful , and easy to use.
Low fees , Many giveaways , Staking options , and more..
our Exchange will change the game.
More information will be updated asap.


Liquidity Pool (LOCKED)
Give away
Total Burned

Q2 2021

GNUN Launched.
Build our Community.
Pancakeswap Listing.
10% of Total Supplay BURN.
2% Giveaway.
Website Redesign.

Q3 2021

Coingecko Listing.
CoinMarketCap Listing.
Exchanges Listing.
Marketing and social campaigns .
GIExchange Release.
2% Giveaway.

Golden Love Community Holders

Goldens reward

10% tax on each buy and sell transaction where 6% automatically added to Holders balance.


Join our huge community on Telegram, 10% of total supply to be BURN. also 2% of each transaction will move to marketing.

Golden Locked

Liquidity LOCKED (1Year)
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